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Custom SEO Campaign

We devise a plan, go over it with you, then implement our vision. Our SEO tasks are conceived to grow your business and turn a profit. On this page you’ll find the unique tasks we carry out.

Keyword Research

We look into how people are searching for your products and services and tailor your pages to target these keywords and search phrases. We even find additional keywords for new landing pages, product pages, service pages or blog ideas.

Landing Page Creation

We create new pages for your website to target new keywords we find for your business. We design your landing pages with not only SEO best practices but also with user experience in mind.

Local SEO

People are searching for your products and services near them- we make it a top priority to get your website high in Google for location-based keywords. This includes getting you more landing pages as well as getting your Name, Address and Phone Number listed on other websites.

Content Strategy

An overall content strategy is based off our Keyword Research. We show you the additional landing pages and blog ideas we have for your business and create a road map to determine when the new content will go live.

Outreach Strategy

Depending on your needs, budget and due to industry competitiveness, it may be necessary to get your website mentioned by other websites. This tells Google that your website is quality and that if other sites link to your content, then it must be good.

Goal & Event Tracking

We create goals for the users on your website to complete, such as filling out a contact form or a watching a video. We record their interactions with your site by setting up event tracking. We want to know people are using your site how you want them to.

Schema Markup

Schema is a bit of code that helps you customize your search results to get more clicks when your site is displayed. Add markup to your product pages to display star ratings in Google, display a better “branded search”, optimize for Voice Search and more.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an SEO tactic that uses data from Goal and Event tracking to determine how to improve your landing pages so that more users do what you want. This can include up to full redesigns of your page.

Competition Analysis

We use SEO Tools to see how your competitors are using SEO to rank high in Google and see if any of their tactics are worth emulating. We can see which other websites are linking to theirs, what keywords they’re targeting and more.

Review Strategy

Google loves websites that get lots of positive reviews from their customers. We strategize a plan to separate your business from your competitor’s in terms of positive Google Reviews.

Monthly Reporting

We prepare monthly reports to show you what we accomplished, how it affected your website, where you rank in Google and more. We also go over our plan for the following month.
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Eat Sleep SEO works to get you a high return on investment. When you invest with us, it’s our obligation to make your marketing dollars work, because when you win, we win.

We establish your needs and objectives and make it our top priority to exceed them. Simply, we rank you high in Google so your customers can find you easier and optimize your website to improve your user’s experience.

We offer affordable SEO for small businesses starting at $500 per month. Your dollar goes far with us as we are a virtual company. We are happy to meet with any small business in Toronto to talk SEO.

Our goal is to drive quality traffic to your website by ranking you high in Google, then optimize your website to make the users do what you want. We get you more traffic, leads and a higher ROI.

Our SEO tactics are proven to work. It takes an understanding of Google’s algorithm and also very importantly, knowing that you can fulfill the needs of the searcher. We use 100% white-hat SEO and always provide transparent reporting.

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