How to Ensure your Website is Voice Search Compatible

how to optimize for voice search
23Jan, 2018

Here in early 2018, there’s been a ton of chatter about voice search in the digital marketing world.

What you need to know is if it’s important to your business. For most businesses, the short answer is yes; but how do you make sure your website is voice search compatible?

Local SEO and Google My Business
Having an optimized Google My Business page is “key to any local related search”, as determined by Roast (Email signup required). Their research has indicated that when using a location based voice search with Google Assistant, it doesn’t use the answer box for the result, but uses Google My Business. This means if someone was to voice search “where is the closest pet store?”, it’s going to take information from Local results.

Utilize Schema (Rich Snippets)
Google Home and Google Assistant read rich snippets from websites with schema markup. Roast’s research shows that 80% of the time answers come from snippets. When using Google Home, often times it sends the link as the source to the searcher’s Google Home App on their device, which would be nice if it was a link to your website.

What kind of businesses can benefit from Rich Snippets? Nearly 100%.

Ultimately, voice search optimization for businesses is most effective when you are creating content that is very specific by answering direct questions while implementing schema when you can. If you’re not sure if your website is optimized for voice search, be sure to ask your SEO Manager, or better yet, ask me.

Where does Voice Search go from here?
What’s next in voice search? Well, there have been multiple reports that Comscore claims that “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.” This to me doesn’t necessarily mean 50% less desktop or mobile queries, but people finding more ways to properly use voice search.

Another stat that will drive people toward voice search is that Google’s machine learning software understands human voices with 95% accuracy. People don’t often type with this high of an accuracy, so they may adopt voice search for this reason.

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