National & International SEO

SEO for Across the Nation or Around the Globe

If you want to rank for broad keywords, there’s a chance you need a national or international SEO strategy. You need the content to satisfy the searcher’s needs, as well as the authority for search engines to rank your brand.

Our National and International SEO strategies equip your website with the fundamental necessities of ranking for broad keywords on a large scale. Our packages include plans for In-depth keyword research and preparation for becoming the authority in your industry.

What is National and International SEO?

Keyword Research

We perform Advanced keyword research to find both broad and long-tailed keyword opportunities for your business to target. This is used for your current pages, future landing pages, article ideas and gives opportunities for other websites to link to yours.

Landing Page Creation

After keyword research is performed, we create landing pages in order to target the new keywords. We also create more pages for all of your business’ locations. We know what search engines look for in landing pages, so you know your new page will be optimized and visually appealing.

Outreach Strategy

In order to be recognized by search engines as a leading brand, your site needs to be featured on industry related websites. We pitch these websites content and story ideas, and position you as the expert in the field with the answers. Let’s work together to make this happen.

Technical SEO

When competing nationwide or internationally, your site needs every inch to be the best. With regular SEO Audits to ensure all technical aspects are sound, to Google Speed Test Optimization, Search Console Optimization and more, we have you covered.

Goal Tracking & CRO

We setup goal tracking on your site and in Google Analytics. This allows us to see how users are interacting with your site and work towards improving conversion rates. From contact form fillouts, email subscriptions, ecommerce purchases and more.

Analytics and Reporting

We prepare and discuss monthly reports on your Analytics so you can clearly see progress being made, as well as keyword reports to see where your site is for your desired search terms.

Contact Us About National or International SEO

A national or International SEO campaign can be the focal point of your business’ marketing needs. If your business services an entire nation or multiple nations, there are steps to take advantage of how people are searching for your products or services.

Every business needs a different strategy. Does your business have 1 location and serve multiple countries? Does your business have multiple locations in multiple countries?

It’s all about getting your On-Page SEO correct and building authority to your website by getting other sites to link to yours.

Often times, a national SEO campaign can be comprised of several local SEO campaigns. If your business has multiple locations across the country, this is a great opportunity to create unique content about each location and rank in Google on the local level for each. Not only can a proper national or international SEO campaign focus on local optimization, but can also focuses on broad terms, which often rely on a strong domain authority in comparison to your competitors. Your competitors may change when trying to rank on a national level. They can go from the businesses in your area to large enterprises like Amazon or Wal-Mart, depending on what your business offers.

A great tool to help determine what type of SEO campaign is right for your business is Google Trends. This lets you see how interested in your industry people are and from where people are most interested. You can look at it from an international, national or local level. You can use this information to determine where you should spend your marketing dollars first. You can create landing pages to target specific regions, or even use this information to decide where you want to run a radio or television commercial, billboard ad, subway ad and more.

When setting up an international SEO campaign, there is much to consider. Should you create a website for each country your targeting? Subdomain? What language should your website be in? There are many things to consider, and not 1 identical approach should be taken for every business. You have to look at how people are using search to find businesses like yours in multiple regions. A good competitor analysis is often a good start in creating the right International SEO plan.

Would your business benefit from a National or International SEO campaign? Contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk about SEO!