SEO Propeller

Boost Your Online Visibility with a One-Time SEO Project: The SEO Propeller

Our SEO Propeller is a one-time SEO project that implements keywords into your site, sets up all your important accounts and creates a plan using an SEO Audit for further search engine optimization.

Once complete, an SEO Expert will go through your site with you and explain how to use your analytics accounts, discover keyword opportunities, create pages on your site and more.


What is the SEO Propeller?

SEO Audit

A thorough SEO Audit will be performed on your website in order to give your business further recommendations on what should be next for SEO. This will be given to you once the SEO Propeller has been completed.

Add Keywords

You receive recommended keywords for up to 5 pages currently on your website. Once you are happy with the keywords, we implement them into your pages.

Landing Page Reco's

We look into additional opportunities for your business to target more keywords by suggesting more landing pages. We will create a list of more keywords you should be targeting if necessary.

Google My Business & Local SEO

We will setup and optimize your Google My Business page – this is great for brick and mortar businesses or any company that wants to rank in Google for location based keywords.

Blog Setup & Recommended Topics

You will receive a list of blog topics based around how people are using Google to find information around your industry. In order to be respected by Google, you need additional industry related content to show that your business is truly a leader.

Install Google Analytics

We install Google Analytics on your website so you can track how people are getting to your site, how much time they spend on certain pages and much more.

Install Search Console

We install Google Search Console that allows us to define parameters with Google directly such as your target country, language, submit your sitemap, ask Google to crawl specific pages and more.

Install Various WordPress Plugins

In order to complete the necessary changes to your website, Eat Sleep SEO installs the best SEO plugins that lets us add your keywords to your pages, create a sitemap for you, change your URLs, create a Robots.txt file and more.

SEO Tutorial

We have a conversation explaining your SEO Audit, how to find keywords, how to implement them into your site, how to add pages or blog posts to your site, Analytics and any questions you have.

Increase your site's search presence with SEO Propeller

Ask us About SEO Propeller

Send us a message if you have any questions about the SEO Propeller. We look forward to hearing from you.