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Identify Areas of Improvement with an SEO Audit

Our SEO Audit identifies issues with your website and creates a clear plan of action and recommendations to ensure your site is in cohesion with the latest SEO best practices.

All of our SEO Audits come with a PowerPoint document describing what was looked at, any isses and recommendations. An Excel sheet is also included with a list of URLs on your website that need attention.

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Why Does My Site Need an SEO Audit?

Your site needs an SEO Audit when your business needs a plan to get to the top of Google for your desired keywords, even if you don’t know what those keywords are. All intricacies of your site are considered in the Audit. Once completed, you receive a PowerPoint document and either in-person, Skype, Google Hangouts or phone conversation about what your site needs to improve.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit allows us to perform a “check-up” on your website and see what needs to be done. It lets us see how much Google likes your website and grants us the opportunity to figure out what your website’s SEO needs are.  Often times, an SEO audit is the first step on the road to SEO success for businesses. It allows us to look at all the fine details of your website and come up with a plan for advancement, find areas of improvement and generally a To-Do list.

We start by looking at what you currently have on your website and go down the list of the SEO factors that Google considers in it’s algorithm. We use both SEO tools and our educated experience to look at everything on your website from your content, meta tags, website structure, landing pages, the links to your website and much more. Depending on your needs, the SEO Audit is a little different for every website.

We offer 2 different types of SEO audits. The first audit is for small businesses regardless of if they have done SEO in the past. The second is a larger audit meant for websites with lots of pages and content. The whole point of an SEO audit is to identify areas of improvement and come up with a game plan to get to the top of Google for your desired keywords.

Not only can we perform an SEO audit on your site, but we can perform them on your competitor’s websites too. This can help us set benchmarks and goals and see where your website stands VS your competition. It’s great to take a deep look to see what your competitors are doing online as it can give us ideas of how you should or should not go about your SEO.

For many of our monthly clients, it’s not uncommon to do an SEO audit once every 3 months. This ensures progress is being made in different areas to improve your website’s SEO when comparing to previous months.

SEO audits are intended for businesses who aren’t exactly sure why they aren’t at the top of Google for their desired keywords. Maybe you think your website is too slow and that could be the reason, or maybe you think your content isn’t optimized well enough. We look at all the factors (big and small) and make actionable recommendations on what needs to be done to get your website on the path to SEO victory.

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